ECO 54

ECO 54

Issue 1:

  • Synthetic Biology
  • Monetisation of Nature
  • Mainstreaming of Biodiversity
  • Women’s Award

Issue 2:

  • Gene drives
  • Women’s Award
  • Deep Sea Mining
  • What are ICCAs?

Issue 3:

  • Geoengineering
  • ABS under litigation in India
  • FAO forest definition & plantations

Issue 4

  • Collective action for recognition of ICCAs in Indonesia
  • What’s at Steak? Impacts of the industrial livestock and feedstock sector on forests, biodiversity, farmers and communities
  • When Dollar Signs Grow on Bushes
  • On customary sustainable use indicators, Aichi Target 18

Issue 5

  • Mayan peoples in COP 13
  • Locals win against GM mosquito release
  • Countries need to increase actions and funding or the Aichi Targets won’t be achieved
  • Consumer Rejection Driving Out GMOs in USA and  Elsewhere
  • Aichi Targets 11 and 12: Environmental movement victory brings EU back on track

Issue 6

  • Gene drives
  • AHTEGs on Risk Assessment and on Socio-Economic Considerations

Issue 7

  • Harrasment
  • Tourism
  • Nuclear radiation
  • Indigenous women & traditional knowledge

Issue 8

  • Free prior informed consent
  • Business & Biodiversity
  • Múuch'tambal Summit on Indigenous Experience

Issue 9

  • Cancun & tourism
  • Local Biodiversity Outlooks

Issue 10

  • Local managed marine areas
  • Statement of students and professors of the Intercultural University of the State of Mexico

Issue 11:

  • Gene drives
  • Aichi Targets
  • Environmental policies
  • Licencing
  • Protecting 17%

Special issue Agricultural diversity

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