ABCM Workshop Report for Civil Society

Thematic Consultation on Area-based conservation measures for the post-2020 global biodiversity framework tool place in Montreal, Canada from December 1 to 3, 2019. The workshop was an expert meeting aimed at providing specific inputs for the use of the  Co-Chairs of the Working Group on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework for considerat

CBDA Statements SBSTTA 23


Mr. Chair,

On behalf of nearly all civil society organizations and non-profit organizations in this room - the list will be provided in writing in the interest of time – we stress that: 

ECO 60 - SBSTTA 23

ECO, Issue 5

  • A rights-based approach for the post-2020 GBF
  • CBD Stand Your Ground!
  • Youth recommendations for post-2020

ECO, Issue 4

Civil Society Statements - OEWG post 2020 - August, 2019

Statements delivered by the CBD Alliance members during the first meeting of the OEWG on post 2020 - Nairobi, Kenya - August, 2019

Opening Statement CBDA

Statement on Agenda Item 4, Cluster 1

Statement on Agenda Item 4, Cluster 2

Statement on Agenda Item 4, Cluster 3

Statement on Agenda Item 4, Cluster 4

ECO 59

All ECOs published during the first meeting of the OE Working Group on post 2020 - August 27 - 30, 2019

ECO 59, Issue 1

  • Ingredients for a post 2020 GBF
  • Divestments, not investments
  • Nairobi, here we go!

ECO 59, Issue 2

Secretariat's Response to our Open Letter

This is the reponse from the Secretaria on regards to our open letter in reference to a particular action undertaken in the framework of the relation between the CBD's Secretariat and the World Economic Forum.