ECO 60 - SBSTTA 23

ECO 60 - SBSTTA 23

ECO, Issue 5

  • A rights-based approach for the post-2020 GBF
  • CBD Stand Your Ground!
  • Youth recommendations for post-2020

ECO, Issue 4

  • Nature based solutions and the next financial crash
  • Real solutions to the climate crisis

ECO, Issue 3

  • Is it doable from a scientific and technical perspective?
  • Article 3: An overlooked provision in the text of the CBD?
  • Links between nature and culture
  • No technology transfer without technology assessment

ECO, Issue 2

  • Thinking outside the bento box
  • IPBES global assessment and national circumstances
  • Animal welfare in post-2020
  • CBDA opening statement SBSTTA
  • CBD Women Caucus recommendations on agenda item 3

ECO 60, Issue 1

  • Ingredients for a successful Global Biodiversity Framework
  • Overly simplistic
  • IIIF Opening Statement WG8j
  • Indigenous peoples and genetic resources

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