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With articles on Human Rights, GBF, extinction, and the biodiversity fund

Human rights issue with articles on UNDRIP & UNDROP, human rights, women's rights, nature & culture, and Target 3

With articles on agriculture, agriecololy and small-scale food producers, the threat of new biotechnologies to pollinators, and the implementation of the implementation of the post-2020 GBF

With articles in today's ECO on the 30x30 Target and tourism, UNDROP, GBF and Indigenous activists demanding land rights and justice during the opening cerenomy.

With articles in today's ECO on IPLCs, voices of artisanal fishers, Rights of Mother Earth, GBF, Target 8, DSI, synbio, marine protected areas, implementation mechanism, BRI and the question of 'What would be a good COP outcome for Africa"?


The opening statement of the CBD Alliance at the 4th meeting of the OEWG on Post 2020 GBF

Letter in relation to an imbalance in the treatment of delegates from the Global South 

ECO Volume 63, Issue 1

All ECOs produced during the Second meeting of the Open-ended Working Group on post-2020

ECO 61, Issue 1: