ECO Articles

1. Avoiding the mistakes of the Aichi Targets – Why implementation of the Kunming-Montreal GBF must be unapologetically transformative | Yemi Katerere (African CSO Biodiversity Alliance) and Simangele Msweli (African Wildlife Foundation, Nairobi)

2. The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework takes important steps for social and environmental justice | Ameyali Ramos, Carolina Rodríguez and Aquilas Koko Ngomo, ICCA Consortium

3. Behind the scenes: what’s up with biodiversity mainstreaming? | Helena Paul, Econexus

4. Targets 15 & 16: mission accomplished for business, biodiversity loses | Nele Marien, Friends of the Earth International

5. Kunming-Montreal GBF: Implementation and monitoring will be key in securing the wins of HRBA | Cristina Eghenter, WWF International

6. Limited action agreed on technology and synthetic biology | Lim Li Ching, Third World Network

7. What does COP15 and the GBF mean for banks? | Hannah Greep, BankTrack

8. Did Africa get a good deal vis-a-viz its redlines during COP15 negotiations? | Wellington Matsika and Sthembile Ndwandwe, Charles R Wall Policy Fellows

9. Enforcing Community led biodiversity conservation leadership within the Guinean Forest of West Africa | Harrison A. Nnoko Ngaaje, AJESH (AJEMALIBU Self Help)