ECO 50

ECO 50

Issue 1

  • Glbbale Biodiversity Outlook 4
  • ICCAs & Aichi Targets
  • Little progress, conflict of interests & unabated unintentional transboundary movements
  • The EU at COP 13, 14, 15...

Issue 2

  • IIFB Opening Statement
  • Incentives for subsidy reform
  • The World is not on track to stop the loss of biodiversity
  • Synthetic biology: Make or break for the CBD?
  • How to integrate biodiversity into the “real” global agenda?

Issue 3

  • Precaution and Prevention Action to address IAS effectively
  • NBSAPs - the hard way
  • 500 years versus 3 days: Mount Gariwang must be protected

Issue 4

  • Synthetic Biology: one of the statements that Civil Society was not allowed to make yesterday
  • World Bank’s Business Indicators Threaten Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity & sustainable development
  • Bring Agriculture back into the CBD!
  • Same word, two distinct legal contexts: What does “non-discriminatory” mean for Compliance in the Nagoya Protocol?

Issue 5

  • Protected Areas, Indigenous Territories and ecosystem conservation and restoration
  • Nuclear Energy; New Threats to Biodiversity
  • Lake Victoria Basin: A message to policy makers
  • Forests: out of the radar
  • The role of collective action in the conservation of biodiversity
  • Biofuels and Biodiversity

Issue 6

  • Nagoya Protocol: a milestone - but still far from the finish line to stop biopiracy
  • The Business Of Looking After Business Interests
  • Dodo Award
  • Global Multilateral Benefit Sharing Mechanism still stuck at “need” debate
  • Who is steering the bus?
  • Sendenyu - A Success Story of Indigenous Community Initiative towards Conservation

Issue 7

  • Mainstreaming is not an easy task
  • Tourism & Biodiversity
  • Applause for Wise Decision on Biodiversity in Garorim Bay
  • 2014 Pyeongchang Buddhist Declaration for Life-Peace
  • The 2014 Captain Hook 2.0 Awards For Syn Bio Piracy

Issue 8

  • The Pyeongchang Roadmap to Destruction
  • India’s Delegation of Two Reflects Home Reality
  • Invasive alien species problem in Japan
  • Song for ICCA Pongso no Tao

Issue 9

  • What will be your next steps to protect biodiversity?
  • Racing to the bottom: the fate of a mountain
  • Resource Mobilisation

Issue 10

  • GE trees in Brazil – Will a party to the CBD disregard COP decision IX/5 (1)?
  • Not enough focus on Agriculture and Small Farmers’ Rights will hurt mainstreaming!
  • Keep agriculture, forestry and fisheries on the agenda!
  • ig wall in front of marine and coastal management in host countries of CBD
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