During the plenary on Tuesday morning and afternoon, three intervetions  were made by NGOs and IPLCs on agenda item 3 with regard to the issues pending of decision 15/9. Two of these are reproduced here.

Contributing Authors 

1) An inadequate monitoring framework Jeopardises the Integrity of the GBF
By Nele Marien, FOEI 

ECO SBSTTA-25 Day 3 

Contributing authors:

1) Ensuring a coherent GBF implementation by By Friedrich Wulf, Pro Natura 

ECO Publication 16/10/2023- Topics and Contributing Authors 

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After the adoption of the KMGBF, its successful implementation is what will make or break the future of biodiversity.

Articles from 

1) NbS, the myth of a solution for our multiple crises
Financialization of nature won¬īt solve the crisis - agroecology will by African Centre for Biodiversity¬†