During the plenary on Tuesday morning and afternoon, three intervetions  were made by NGOs and IPLCs on agenda item 3 with regard to the issues pending of decision 15/9. Two of these are reproduced here.

Contributing Authors 

1) An inadequate monitoring framework Jeopardises the Integrity of the GBF
By Nele Marien, FOEI 

ECO SBSTTA-25 Day 3 

Contributing authors:

1) Ensuring a coherent GBF implementation by By Friedrich Wulf, Pro Natura 

After the adoption of the KMGBF, its successful implementation is what will make or break the future of biodiversity.

ECO Publication 16/10/2023- Topics and Contributing Authors 

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Articles from 

1) NbS, the myth of a solution for our multiple crises
Financialization of nature won¬īt solve the crisis - agroecology will by African Centre for Biodiversity¬†